Museveni cancels EAC summit after Nkurunziza snubs it

Kenyatta, Museveni and Magufuli

The 20th ordinary summit of EAC Heads of State meant to sit in Arusha on Friday has been indefinitely suspended over lack of quorum.

Burundi’s president Pierre Nkurunziza didn’t turn up for the summit neither did he send any representative of the 30 delegates per member country.

“As chair of the EAC, and after consultation with Their Excellences Uhuru Kenyatta and John Magufuli, we agreed to postpone the 20th Ordinary Summit of the East African Community Heads of State to December 27th, to allow all member states attend,” Museveni said.

“I thank the countries that turned up today in Arusha, Tanzania and hope that every member state will be present next month since the treaty provides for once-a-year summit that all member states should attend.”

At the press conference at the Arusha State Lodge, Museveni confirmed that the EAC summit has been pushed to 27th, December, 2018 to enable Nkurunziza to attend.

Victoria University

“One of our members, Burundi did not come. We have pushed the summit to 27th December to enable all members to attend. EAC provides for one meeting a year, this one in November that has been postponed.”

Kenyatta, Museveni and Magufuli

“In the second meeting all should attend. If one is not there, its not good to go ahead, because it goes against the rules of unity of East Africa,” Museveni noted.

According to rule 11 of the rules of procedure of the summit of the EAC Heads of State, quorum is made up of all partner states representation which is in consonance with the decision making by consensus under article 12 of the treaty.

Rwanda and South Sudan presidents Paul Kagame and Salva Kiir delegated their ministers.

The summit was preceded by the 38th ordinary meeting of the EAC council of ministers, in Arusha.



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