South Sudan: Nyalong-most expensive girl-gets married

Nyalong and her husband Kok Alat

Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang, the 17 year-old most expensive virgin in South Sudan, has finally got married to tycoon Kok Alat.

Alat, a renown businessman emerged victorious after beating five other men to win the heart of the black beauty from in Awerial county Eastern Lakes State.

According to local reports, Alat parted with 530 cows, 3 V8 cars and $10,000 which were handed over to the father of this virgin Dinka girl making her the most expensive South Sudanese lady.

Nyalong and majority of her family members made the historical decision that will see her cross over to the other side of the River Nile Jieng/Dinka section of Bor to be the wife of Kok Alat.

She was on Saturday 3rd November heroically sent off with huge celebration characterised by mighty, dances, traditional Jieng songs and ululations from fellow girls and women.

Victoria University

Last month the story of Nyalong Ngong Deng became the headline across social media.

The state governor David Mayom Riak who lost to Alat had pledged to pay over two hundred cows.

According to David Mayom Riak, Alat paid 333 cows with two land cruisers metal top and two motorbikes.

This marriage was condemned by the civil society group in South Sudan because of the age.

The marriage revived the call by the civil rights to stop early child marriage in South Sudan.



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