US Congress tells Museveni to leave Bobi Wine alone

Brad Sherman with Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie

Brad Sherman who represents California’s San Fernando Valley in the U.S. Congress and Karen Bass, a Congressmember representing CA37, Speaker Emeritus of the California Assembly, are championing MP Bobi Wine’s case in the US Congress.

Brad said after receiving specialized medical treatment in the United States, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi returned home in the wake of the violence that has transpired.

“I call on the government of Uganda to allow Bobi to remain in the country without harm,” he said in a tweet directed at President Museveni.

Letter to Congress

In a September 21, 2018 letter, the Congress members wrote to H.E. Ambassador Mull Ssebujja Katende, Uganda’s ambassador to America calling upon the government of Uganda to drop all charges filed against Bobi Wine, five of his colleagues, and hundreds of individual citizens around the country who have recently been detained and beaten under false pretences.

Karen Bass
Victoria University

Unfortunately, on the day of the special election in Arua Municipality. President Museveni’s convoy was pelted with stones.

Kyagulanyi and five of his colleagues, Kassiano Wadri, Gerald Karuhanga, Paul Mwiru, Michael Mabikke and Francis Zaake, were charged with treason and possession of illegal firearms under suspicion for initiating the stone throwing. Around 30 others from Ama were also arrested.

During his time in custody, Kyagulanyi was severely beaten.’ Since Kyagulanyi’s arrest, demonstrations calling for Kyagulanyi’s release have erupted around the country.

State police and security forces have fired tear gas and used live ammunition on protestors.

Videos have surfaced of the Ugandan army beating journalists that covered the demonstrations.

The Ugandan government has stated that “over 100 suspects have been arrested and investigations are ongoing.”

Uganda has long been a key U.S. ally, particularly in our efforts to bolster regional security, Congress members wrote.

“We urge the government of Uganda to immediately drop all charges filed against Kyagulanyi and his colleagues. We also call for a thorough investigation into all allegations of violence against Kyagulanyi, his colleagues, demonstrators and journalists.”

Finally, Congress members urged the government to halt efforts to silence the political opposition.

Bobi Wine addresses press

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi on Sunday called upon the church to pray for the many helpless Ugandans who have been violated by security operatives.

He was speaking during mass at his parish cathedral Our Lady of Good Counsel in Gayaza.

He is set to address press today at his home in Magere Kasangati town council, Wakiso district.



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