Mpigi agrees to name road after Kirumira, erect monument  

The late Muhammad Kirumira

Mpigi Town Council has resolved to name a road after the Muhammad Kirumira, the former Buyende District Police commander, who was killed in Bulenga this month.

Daily Monitor reports that this was agreed upon in a Thursday council meeting.

It was proposed by Richard Ssenoga, the Mpigi town mayor.

The motion was seconded by Charles Kaggwa, the Mpambire Ward councillor.

The decision was supported by all councillors recognising Kirumira’s good deeds.


He paid school fees for children; he built mosques, churches and contributed to the building of a disciplined police force, according to Ben Ssozi, the Mpigi Town Council councillor.

Kirumira who contributed a lot to the country will be named after the 2.5 kilometre Mpambire – Mpanga Road.

The council also resolved to buy a plot of land on the Kampala-Masaka highway where a monument will be constructed in honour of Kirumira.



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