Aggrey Awori tells old politicians to leave stage for youth

Aggrey Awori

Former minister Aggrey Awori has warned Members of Parliament against caucus politics, urging them to do their own research.

Speaking to NBS television journalist Mildred Tuhaise in an interview, Awori said caucus politics in Parliament is killing debates and that the only solution is for MPs to research.

He expressed disappointment at MPs for fighting during the presidential age limit debate instead of arguing with facts.

“We have to do more research instead of following what has been put forward by a party caucus. There are those who don’t have a page the Hansard for five years.”

He added: “Do you have to be a passenger in parliament who has not paid a fair? I was disappointed during age limit debate when people went physical.”

Victoria University

Awori said he was once in opposition in sixth parliament and they were 16 members against 108 NRM members but moved a motion to remove six ministers from cabinet.

“We were able to convince the colleagues on the other side by factual arguments. But is that possible now?”

The veteran politician told old politicians to leave the stage for young people.

“Old trees in a forest must dry up and go to allow the younger trees to grow. The old tress must die out and go to create space for the new trees.”

“If you lose an election and has been there for so many years, you go out quietly. You have exhausted your resources. Don’t go to court.”

He added: “Many are not doing too well in retirement because they spent all their resources on elections. When they retire, they don’t have anything to fall back to.”

Aggrey Siryoyi Awori is a Ugandan economist and politician who was Minister for Information and Communications Technology in the Cabinet of Uganda from 16 February 2009 to 27 May 2011.

Prior to that, he represented Samia-Bugwe North, Busia District in the Ugandan Parliament from 2001 until 2006.




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