Museveni: I don’t have the power to release Bobi Wine


President Museveni has said he doesn’t have the power to release Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi and his fellow MPs who were arrested for stoning his convoy.

“On the issue of releasing Bobi Wine and the others, the President of Uganda does not have such powers,” Museveni said on Wednesday.

“Once somebody is arrested, charged and remanded, it is only two authorities who can release such people in any way: the Courts or the DPP withdrawing charges if the evidence is not enough. Let us therefore, wait for the Courts and see what they decide.”

Museveni lashed at “unprincipled politicians” who are cynically (concerned only with one’s own interests and typically disregarding accepted standards in order to achieve them) luring youth into demonstrations and riots.

“Therefore, the unprincipled politicians who mislead our youth into rioting or actually pay them to riot or to commit arson must be condemned.”

Victoria University

He also criticised NRM leaders who do not engage these youth and squander resources in unnecessary foreign travels and other non- priority expenditures.

“You have absolutely no right to trample over my Kiosk, damage my shop or my car or cause damage to my farm because of your political ambitions. Peace is a right and not a favour from anybody.”

He added: “If you want to make a political statement, work with the Police, walk peacefully to an agreed, non- populated point and give your views. In UK, they have Hyde Park. In Uganda, people can use Kololo or other rally points. After the rallies, the organizers should tell the followers to go home peacefully. Is that too much?”

Museveni said he was told that the Kampala demonstrating groups of Monday were more of a nuisance than a menace- which the Arua groups were.

The Monday groups were operating in small groups, burning tyres and, then, sending them to social media, working for those who pay them, to show that Uganda is unstable.

The enemies of Uganda are now worried at the emerging strength of the economy of Uganda, he noted.

“Therefore, our youth groups of Monday were more of a nuisance and psychological warfare than a menace, unless I get new facts. Why then, shoot at them, why fire tear-gas, why fire bullets?”

He added: “Those mobile, tyre burning groups, who are not attacking anybody, should simply be chased on foot, identified from light helicopters (206- Agusto type) or UAUs, arrested and be charged with appropriate offences.”



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