Bobi Wine’s personal doctor allowed to see him  

Cartoon by The East African

Bobi Wine’s personal doctor has been allowed to see him, according to Uganda Medical Association [UMA] president Dr Ekwaro Obuku.

This is the first time he has seen his Doctor since he was arrested in Arua and tortured in military detention.

Dr. Obuku Ekwaro had earlier offered a team of medical experts to provide care to victims of torture including the 33 arrested in Arua including Members of Parliament.

But we have been denied access to the victims, we attempted to access Hon. Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) on Saturday but in vain,” he said on Monday.

Ekwaro said on Tuesday morning that they had made some progress since coming out to the public to condemn torture.

Victoria University

“We have received clear information about victims of torture in Gulu CPS and Arua CPS. We are making arrangements to attend to them. They have sent requests via MPs,” Ekwaro said.

He confirmed that Hon Robert Kyagulanyi was accessed by his family’s physician, in respect of the key medical ethics principal of autonomy.

“We thank colleagues in the UPDF who continue to provide medical care and keep them alive.”

He added: “We remind you of the World Medical Association [WMA] statement that calls for protection of Doctors who document torture and refuse to participate in acts of torture.”

He implored doctors to provide care to all victims of torture, document and denounce torture, in line with the aspirations of the World Medical Association and UN Convention against Torture (CAT).

Activist Bireete Sarah said if the UPDF doctors are saying Bobi Wine is fine – no head injury, no chest injuries and no borne fractures–why is he being hidden from the public?

“Let the UPDF allow his family and lawyers to take his postures and share with the public as supporting evidence to this,” she argued.

The singing MP is still incarcerated at Makindye military barracks.



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