Bishop says ‘panicky’ Museveni framing Bobi Wine

Kinkizi Diocese Bishop Dan Zoreka preaches against lifting Age Limit at St Paul COU Kirima

The Bishop of Kinkizi diocese, Rt Rev Dan Zoreka, says President Museveni is panicking because his regime is tottering under the pressure exerted by members of the opposition.

He was speaking on the incidents that happened in Arua municipality where the president’s convoy was reportedly stoned leading to the death driver Yasin Kawuma.

“Ugandans must be concerned about what is happening in the country. The Arua incident was caused by government’s failure to respect multi-party politics,” Zoreka is quoted by Daily Monitor as saying.

According to the man of God, the ruling NRM party is starting to feel the strength of the opposition.

“People are being witch-hunted by government. Most Ugandans are not happy but they are keeping quiet because of fear for their lives,’’ Bishop Zoreka told Sunday Monitor.

Victoria University

He said the NRM government is worried about the strength of the opposition, the reason why they are failing to maintain best practices under multi-party system.

“What they are doing shows that NRM government is panicking, thinking that other parties are overtaking them. Every person has a right to support a political party or individual he wants but when you see a candidate like Kasiano Wadri and team being arrested just because they have a different political view, then we are not in multi-party system,” he noted.

He termed Bobi Wine’s charges as fabricated saying it is something that must be condemned because it should not be happening in this era.

“If it is true that some people throw stones at the presidential convoy we also condemn it, but if it is a fabricated story, we must condemn it in very strongly because when people are falsely accused, it is not democracy.”

Pastor Wilson Bugembe of worship house in Nansana Wakiso district also condemned the manner in which Bobi Wine and others were tortured and called for the trial of the perpetrators.

Bishop Za visiting MP Zaake

The singing pastor who also did songs with the incarcerated legislator has cautioned against the diminishing reputation of the armed forces especially the Uganda People’s Defense Forces.

Namirembe cathedral has condemned the rampant violence and acts of torture that are on an increasing rate across the county’s political scene.

The clergy, who called for responsibility and respect, say that if those in authority don’t check the rampant level of violence and torture by security agencies, the country is headed for doom.

Bishop Zac Niringiye says: “I have posted here before, highlighting the reality we live in Uganda; that Uganda – the state and country, have been captured by Gen Museveni and his cronies, using violence.”

He added: “Now it is being taken a notch higher – torturing and brutalising with impunity those opposed to the repression. This is what happened in Arua during and after the Municipality elections on Wednesday August 15. Torture including rape!”

Zac was visiting Hon Zaake in Rubaga Hospital, who was dumped there by unknown security and left for dead.

“We need to join hands and resist this impunity and work for a peaceful transition from the Museveni dictatorship. Let us keep in prayer for all those tortured and traumatised, including Hon Zaake and Hon Kyagulanyi (Bobbie Wine). Let us keep praying for Uganda.”



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