Museveni makes up charges to tame rivals, says Besigye

Besigye and Erias Lukwago addressing press at Katongo offices in Kampala on Thursday

Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, says President Museveni’s NRM government is to blame for what happened in Arua resulting in the death of Yasin Kawuma and the arrest of several Members of Parliament.

“If you want to go into campaigns for MPs and want the security of a president which involves closing off roads which other parties use, then you are creating a problem and in itself an incitement for violence,” Besigye told press at his Katonga Road offices in Kampala on Thursday.

He said other candidates need freedom to campaign and this wasn’t possible in Arua because the president wanted to have his security.

The issue of weapons in the Arua incident isn’t the case, the issue is the militarization and use of force, excessive force in electoral processes,” Besigye argued.

“There are also more casualties that aren’t being reported. I saw with my own eye what seemed like a dead body but I haven’t heard any other death part from that of Hon. Kyagulanyi’s driver, Yasin.”

Victoria University

Besigye said there has been a choreographed presentation of a state of confrontation between opposition groups which he believes is deliberate and has ominous intentions.

“This and other matters are things we are critically examining and we shall be making a more comprehensive statement on Monday next week.”

He said the people being detained have been held against a background of state inspired violence.

“There is absolutely no way the regime can convince people that they can cover their tracks by planting evidence against our people,” he said, referring to police claim that they found guns in MP Bobi Wine’s hotel room.

Museveni makes up charges to fight opposition

Besigye said the tramped up charges are the rule in as far as NRM dress its opponents in an attempt to criminalize them.

“We demand that all those persons being detained be freed unconditionally and immediately.”

He went on: “Certainly, no civilian should be charged or attempted to be tried in a military court martial.”

He said the main inciter of violence is the NRM junta and they shouldn’t transfer this onto anyone.

“The people, who are in detention, have been detained against a background of state inspired violence.”

Besigye recalled that he has been charged with treason twice, rape and with illegal possession of guns.

“My wife was charged with having a pistol in our home in Luzira. These trumped up charges are the rules in how NRM addresses opponents.”

Besigye then pointed out pictures of the Hon Francis Zaake which show signs of torture.

“We are not sure about the safety of others. Arrangements need to be made to have these leaders transferred to safe and competent facilities where their health can be attended to.”

He said the powerlessness of Parliament shows what is going on, it’s supposed to be the supreme organ of the state; people exercise their rights through parliament, that’s why it checks the executive.

“But you have a parliament attacked by the president. We have people fighting to go to these very powerless institutions.”



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