I will work with new LoP Ocan, says Kiiza

Winnie Kiiza

Outgoing Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Hon Winnie Kizza, has congratulated the new LoP upon her new appointment and thanked all members of parliament for giving her the conducive working environment.

Kizza said that she is very ready to work with the new LOP Hon Betty Ocan.

“I played my part and now it’s time for other people to play their parts,” she told the house.

“As I leave this office…Allow me to thank the FDC party under the leadership of, Gen. (Rtd) Gregory Mugisha MUNTU for the opportunity they gave me to serve my country. It is one I will never regret. It is some opportunity that saw us move strides together for a common and a better tomorrow.”

Kiiza said to the change seeking Ugandans that supported all her efforts, its her humble prayer that they be rewarded.

Victoria University

“To the entire country my assurance is that we are stronger and determined to push for a change that will yield. A change that will not turn out to be a curse to the nation, a change for humanity and one that will cater for the dignity of all.”

She added: “Once again I would like to thank my social media team, the media fraternity, our fans and supporters whose views, opinions and advice moved us this far.”

Kiiza says her team’s support was genuine and prays that they continue on this path and with all, Ugandans will one day smile as a team not as cliques.

“As I take leave, am proud that we moved as a team hence the vivid strides that speak for themselves. We have what to show to the country and I would encourage whoever has taken responsibility to emulate and soldier on.”

The FDC sent a communication to the office of the speaker informing her about the change of the leader of opposition.

The letter stated that the new LOP is Hon Betty Ocan replacing Hon Winnie Kizza.

When the deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah asked the new leader of opposition to make a statement, Ocan thanked God for giving her the opportunity to serve as the leader of opposition in this country.

She is the 5th leader of opposition since 2006. She greatly thanked the former leader of opposition Hon Winnie Kizza for the great leadership she showed everyone.

“Team up with me in this office in the service of the people through constructive opposition through our constitution,” Ocan called upon Kiiza’s group.

She then requested the deputy speaker to suspend the house so that they can make preparations for their next activity.

House welcomes Ocan

The government chief whip Hon Ruth Nankabirwa asked the new LOP to always keep the smile as she serves her people.

Nankabirwa thanked the former leader of opposition Hon Kizza for the great work she did for the opposition to win elections in various places.

Betty Ocan

She then congratulated all the Members of parliament that have been changed to different positions.

Hon Okoth Oboth, on his part, asked the deputy speaker if its right for only one side (NRM) to be happy about the appointment of the new leader of opposition yet the opposition side is not happy.

Hon Atim Cecilia Ogwang congratulated Ocan for the new opposition and saying she is too happy to have two powerful leaders from the Northern Uganda.

Hon Gen. Moses Ali has congratulated the FDC for the new changes they made in leadership and Kizza for clearing the air about the article in Daily Monitor that said she would not accept the changes.

Ali said Kizza was the first LoP to go Zombo forest.

Rumours of quitting FDC

Earlier, social media was awash with rumours that Kiiza and atleast 29 legislators would quit FDC and form their own pressure group.

This was reportedly decided at a Tuesday meeting which sat at Fang Fang Hotel in Nakasero.

The group would then mobilise other opposition parties and leaning independent and “separate entity targeting over 70 members”.

FDC MPs opposed to Amuriat leadership will also resign from all Shadow Cabinet positions and committee leadership and mobilize the members of other opposition parties to quit.

The reports said FDC members would resign from shadow cabinet positions in defiance of party president Patrick Amuriat.



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