Munyagwa is Amuriat’s biggest blunder-Kamya

Minister Kamya

The minister for Kampala Beti Kamya has welcomed the FDC reshuffle which was conducted by the party president last week.

She told NTV that the new leaders appointed by the FDC party president are competent and ready to take the party forward.

“There are interests that have to be protected and promoted. There are group interests, party interests and national interests,” she noted.

She said when sacked Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Winnie Kiiza, and her group were supporting Mugisha Muntu for presidency, they had their interests.

“They have been criticising NRM for presenting party interests and exactly the same thing is happening in FDC.”

Victoria University

She added: “I hear one of her [Kiiza] crimes was not supporting the Bugiri candidate [Eunice Namatende], her party has decided to punish her for that.”

Kamya notes that she has always said that there is no ideological difference between all the parties in Uganda.

Kamya says she is one of those persons who have faced  the party’s bad side when the party’s constitution was changed during the nomination day.

“What Kiiza is talking about has not started today but way back when the party has just started.”

Kamya also called it the biggest blunder party president Amuriat committed by replacing Abdu Katuntu with MP Mubarak Munyagwa.

“Katuntu is not a team leader but he is competent.  Munyagwa is cheer leader but not competent,” she judged.

When asked on the matter, FDC deputy secretary general Harold Kaija said Kamya has always been like that.

“She goes from party to party and is just like that.”



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