Inventor Mwaka makes power generator & wireless phone charger

Wireless phone charger

Kyambogo graduate Horus Mwaka has added yet two more new devices on his list of inventions.

Mwaka, who calls himself as an innovator, inventor, designer, general engineer, scientist, supper world hacker, alien agent etc, told on Thursday that he has now come up with a power generator and a wireless phone charger.

“This is a power generator uses water to generate power,” he said, explaining that it uses two litres of water in liquid state at room temperature over and over again without being used up.

The power generator

“It can be used to charge phones and for lighting,” the young inventor told

He added: “I am working on a bigger design that can operate bigger electrical machines.”

Victoria University

Among his new inventions is also a wireless phone charger.

Mwaka says this device charges all phone types without any wire connection whether smartphone or not whether compatible to wireless charging or not.

The wireless phone charger

“It stores charge [battery], you can continue charging even when power goes off.”

The charger works on hydro power 240VAC and solar power 12V-24VDC.

It has the capacity to charge five phones via USB ports at ago.

“This makes a total of six phones charged at the same time,” Mwaka said, adding that he was working on some improvements and new designs.

The chief executive officer at Magic Hackers Uganda, Mwaka studied Mechanical engineering at Kyambogo University.

He hails from Rukungiri district and went to Kigezi College Butobere Siniya.

Last year, he invented HACKER 16, a spy robot laden with bombs, teargas and a fire extinguisher.

The inventor who uses local materials made his first robot and spy drone in his early years at Kyambogo University back in 2014/15.

The power generator

Hacker 16 has an arm with a hand for picking bombs or any other dangerous object.

It can switch off bombs without touching them and make them harmless. It has explosives and teargas for self-defence and fighting off criminals.

Hacker 16 also has fire extinguishers for fire fighting and is designed to move both on the ground and fly in space.



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