Chipper Cash: Ugandan invents free mobile money platform

Ham Serunjogi [R] co-founder of Chipper Cash

Ham Sserunjogi, a Ugandan based in California has launched Chipper Cash, a cross-border mobile money platform, that will ease money transactions.

Sserunjogi who went to Aga Khan Schools was the captain of the Ugandan swimming team to the All Africa Youth Games in Rabat Morroco.

Later, he left Aga Khan Academy for Grinnell College in the US. He then worked at Facebook in New York and in Dublin, Ireland.

His new app will enable users send and receive money across borders free of charge.

Transferring money across borders has been mainly dominated by Western Union and Moneygram characterised by expensive transactions.

Victoria University

Sserunjogi’s platform comes at a point Uganda is taxing telecoms like Africell, Airtel, MTN etc are charging customers sending and withdraw charges ontop of a government tax per transaction.

The inventor says Chipper Cash will facilitate completely free and instantaneous peer-to-peer payments, both within a country as well as from one country to another.

He is targeting regional countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda first.

How to Add Cash to Your Chipper Wallet Account.

Navigate to the profile section of the app by swiping from right to left.

Click ‘Add Cash”

You will then have to link your mobile money account to the Chipper Cash app by selecting your mobile money provider.

You then need to enter your Mobile Money number.

Enter the amount you want to add to Chippper Cash Wallet from your mobile money account.

Wait for confirmation and enter PIN to confirm.

Sending Money from your Chipper Cash Wallet

Sending money from your Chipper cash wallet happens at a zero cost. However, your mobile money provider will charge you a small fee when adding cash to your Chipper Cash Wallet.

To send money

Navigate to the “Select Recipient” section of the app and select the receiver’s mobile money number.

Enter the amount and reason for the transfer and press pay.

Your payment will then be sent.

The recipient will receive an SMS notification showing the amount received. The SMS includes a link to downloading the app if the user does not have it installed already.



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