Kiiza tells Ugandans to rise up, reject immoral taxes

LoP Winnie Kiiza addressing press on Wednesday July 18, 2018 at Parliament

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon Winnie Kiiza, alongside opposition MPs called on government Wednesday to totally abandon the tax on Mobile money and social media.

Kiiza says the tax limits Ugandans from enjoying opportunities presented with social media.

“We are refusing instances of one meeting pay as you earn, pay as you send money and pay as you receive money. This tax is uncalled for and is demotivating,” she told press at parliament.

She insisted the tax is illegal saying it is levied on a tax already, that’s why government doesn’t have a specific name to give it, they are calling it ‘over the top’ because they are charging over the taxes already paid for the airtime.

“When you look at the tax for mobile money, it as well doesn’t conform to the principles of taxation. Let’s use correct ways of collecting money, if we reduced on wasteful expenditure, we would utilize our money well.”

Victoria University

She went on: “Look at the money we are planning to waste on armoured cars for MPs! We should avoid tax exemptions for huge companies that are in position to pay their own tax, if all this is reduced, we can use our money well to build our country.”

Winnie Kiiza and MPs address press

Kiiza prayed that government abandons the announced 0.5% on the mobile money tax because it still brings about financial exclusion, it’s illegal and immoral.

“You can tell it’s illegal because government is still gambling with it. We call upon Ugandans who are facing this tax to stand up to this tax and hold our leaders accountable, don’t let leaders hold you hostage, rise up to the occasion.”

“I also call upon my colleagues to reject these armoured vehicles because it shows we are over taxing our population, if it is security, let us suffer together, if it is peace, let us enjoy it together.”

Hon. Winnie Kiiza said when the tax was fronted, MPs rejected it because it is killing young people from associating and accessing information, “it’s killing our young innovative people”.




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