APass calls Bebe Cool ‘empty head’ for backing social media tax


Singer Alexander Bagonza aka Apass is up in arms against Gagamel big boss Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool for supporting the social media and mobile money taxes.

While APass spoke out vehemently and even took part in the demonstration against the taxes, Bebe Cool [from the comfort of his home] said he saw nothing wrong with the taxes that are choking Ugandans.

Bebe Cool said the tax will help shape social media because it has been misused.

“The tax is going to help us curb the use of social media. People have been using it for the wrong reasons, tarnishing people’s names, to publish nude pictures among others,” he said.

He said musicians including MP Bobi Wine who protested the tax were simply “fooling the public”.

Victoria University

“I couldn’t join my brothers because they were just acting like a nuisance. I was so ashamed of them. Musicians have built houses and bought expensive cars. But have you ever heard any of them paying any tax off the money they have been receiving from promoters!”

Appearing on BBS TV, singer APass labelled Bebe a “nuisance”.

“It’s not okay for you to carry a big body and have an empty brain. It’s not okay,” Apass further wrote on his Facebook page.



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