Ethics minister Lokodo blocks this year’s gay pride parade

One of the gay beauty pageants

News from Ssese has it that Ethics & Integrity Minister Hon Simon Lukodo has blocked the lgbt pride which was slated to take place in Ssese-island on Lake Victoria.

According to him, the homo’s so called pride match was planned to promote homosexuality & other unnatural dirty things.

According to a one participate who preferred anonymity, they are not only celebrating pride but also international day against homophobia, biphobia & transphobia & gay aquatic games like swimming and gay pageants that promote non-discrimination against sexual minorities.

Ethics minister Lokodo

“Lusam-INN-Montel is owned by exiled Robert Sengooba. Those people are care takers and we got reports that he sent money to promote illicit activities of sodomy.  That’s why I called director Mr Kibirango of financial Intelligence Authority & police.”

“My role as a minister of ethics & Integrity, is to stop acts of sodomy,” Lokodo added.

Venue for lgbt assembly
Victoria University

Lokodo says the Governor bank of Uganda has to ban xpress money remittance.

He says all illicit funds to promote sodomy and rebel activities come via xpress money services.

A group of youth calling themselves “concerned youths” have petitioned speaker to Ugandan parliament Rebecca Kadaga to give F.I.A more powers to investigate & persecute xpress money services directors.

Gay beauty pageant competitors

They tasked parliamentarians to ask for Sengooba’s extradition from Switzerland.

The speaker told them that Sengooba aka bum-driller is protected under host country and international law respectively.

Warning,for lgbt participants at entrance

Under penal code Act section 145a 2014 sodomy is punishable to 7 years imprisonment for first offenders & life imprisonment for funders & promoters like ex sodomite Sengooba.

Its on record Uganda’s speaker Kadaga blasted Inter Parliamentary Union president Ms Baroza Gabriel for smuggling a motion concerning lgbt’s rights in Uganda & Arab countries to be on agenda of the IPU-summit in Geneva without her consent & other participants from Arab countries.

Police, while taking positions before raiding lgbt venue.


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