I won’t attend court without media, Kirumira rejects trial

Kirumira talks to press [Bukedde photo]

Former Buyende District Police Commander, ASP Muhammad Kirumira, has refused to be tried in the Police Disciplinary Court without the presence of media.

“I will not attend court unless the media is allowed to cover the proceedings,” he said while standing outside the court on Tuesday morning.

As is the norm, journalists have been banned from covering the court proceedings.

“The media is reporting exactly what happens in court,” Kirumira said, insisting that it is a public court hence no need to prevent a certain group of people from attending.

“There are no new witnesses being produced. They want to try me in darkness. Unless the media is not allowed to report, I won’t go to court.”

Victoria University

He added: “I’m ready to return to Nalufenya for incarceration. I won’t tolerate any threats.”

Kirumira was granted bail by the police court based in Naguru last month after celebrity cop ACP Sam Omara stood surety for him.

Kirumira is accused of a number of offences related to torture, corruption and unnecessary exercise of authority.



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