Barbie: saying sorry won’t burn your tongue

Barbie Kyagulanyi

What happened to humility? Let me share with you what I see all the time.

Girls and Boys donned in their expensive clothes, wearing shades in doors, chewing gum and looking at people around them like they were some sort of nauseating lot!

This happens in almost all public places. Banks, restaurants, supermarkets; name them.

The robot behaving like boys and girls I mostly see lately NEVER greet, they are allergic to the words “excuse me” and “Sorry”.

They carry this un approachable bad attitude and portray it towards every ordinary person around them.

Victoria University

When a celebrity comes by, they quickly remove their headphones, the nodding stops, their faces lighten up, shades are removed and like a chameleon they become a different person. It’s at this point that they approach this “most valued person” for a selfie!

Wao how quickly they learn some good manners! Like lightening after getting the picture, they fly back to the cue and turn on the robot un approachable attitude again.

Boom! Simple as that! No chills they say.

Remember they never say excuse me and even if they step on their neighbour on their way back, they won’t say sorry duh! Sorry for what? They ask.

Little boys and girls plus some big ones that would want to believe that they haven’t been initiated into adulthood, there is a common figure of speech that says “treat the Jupiter like you do the boss! Character is how you treat people who can do nothing for you.

It’s cool to be humble and dope at the same time. Smile at strangers it’s ok and you create new good friends sometimes.

Say sorry it won’t burn your tongue and respect all human beings! Imagine how you’d feel if you were treated the way you treat others? Plus don’t stop coming to me for selfies though I also won’t stop to analyse your public behaviour.

Finally, I know I am not your mother to be telling you how to behave in public. I am also aware of what you say about how much of a role model I am to you so I won’t let you forget the best trait I know in life. Humility!

Barbie Kyagulanyi is a wife to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine