Kiiza: Museveni working for his family, not Ugandans

LoP Winnie Kiiza addressing press at parliament

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Winnie Kiiza, has commended MPs for the engagements they made during consultations on the just passed constitutional amendment bill (No.2) Bill.

Kiiza says they are to embark on the #Kogikuteko [not that you have touched it] campaign where they will consult their electorate on what move to take.

Kizza and other opposition leaders who voted against the age limit bill told press about at parliament on Thursday that the #Kogikuteko campaign is the new journey now.

“What is next after touching the constitution? Many Ugandans expected us to say what we are saying now “kojikuteko”,” Kiiza said.

She said #Tojikwatako was a people’s word. “So we have to go back and tell them that the people you sent went against your views and bajikuteko.”

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Kizza gave special recognition to the NRM members of Parliament saying they all voted in favour of their personal interests.

“We have all come to know that President Museveni is not working for Ugandans. He has clearly said that he doesn’t work for Uganda. He works for himself, his children and his grandchildren,” she said.

She added: “We have challenged this bill right from the start and we have gone to court. So this is the beginning of Kojikuteko. For once, we are beginning to think beyond outer political parties and for once we have managed to think fight for our country.”

Kiiza declared 20th December saying it will always be remembered as a “black day” in the parliament of Uganda.

“You may win us, but you may never win the hearts of Ugandans,”  said Kasambya MP Gaffa Mbwatekamwa.

Mbwatekamwa said Museveni is not more important than the country. “He was also born like us and found the country moving. You saw the speaker becoming also a member of parliament and breaking all rules of procedures for example she completely broke rule 98 (4).

The opposition legislators said those who are close to president Museveni should try and plan for his exit otherwise things won’t be good for him.