Museveni goes grazing, walks 8km in Rwakitura farm

Museveni, his escorts and staff take an 8km walk at Rwakitura farm

President Yoweri Museveni spent the weekend at his country farm in Rwakitura in Kiruhura district.

Apart from being his personal home, Rwakitura is also the site of selected official meetings with Ugandan and foreign visitors.

“Upon returning from Dubai, I decided to spend the weekend at my farm in Rwakitura,” the president said, sharing pictures of himself in his farm.

“I encourage rotational grazing which helps the cows to have grass at all times and avoid over grazing.”

He explained: “There are a variety of grasses that have grown in one of the paddocks in Rwakitura. The grass below is called Enkoorogi, this paddock was left ungrazed for 4 months.”


With his escorts, the president and his personal staff also embarked on an 8km walk across his farmland.

“This is one of the cows, (Produced by the bull I gave my neighbour), it produces 15 litres per day,” he said, sharing more pictures of his cows.

“With my neighbour Peninah Kaititimba (centre) whom I gave a bull to produce cows that give much milk,” he said, posing with an elderly woman.

“I encourage leaders to teach their people the proper way of grazing to eradicate poverty.”

He also shared a picture of a tree: “I planted these Mutuba trees as a fence in 1967 while my peers were dancing and enjoying life in Mbarara.”

He then added other pictures of the tall elephant grass: “After letting this paddock lay fallow for four months, the grass has grown as tall as me. This is elephant grass (ekibingo).”

Museveni talks to his neigbour