Abiriga house nearly set ablaze, MP Amule gets escorts

MP Abiriga's home

Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga’s house was nearly burnt to ashes by suspected arsonists on Saturday night.

The pro-age limit MP’s wife, Aminah Sijali, told Daily Monitor the incident happened while they were asleep at their home in Anyafiyo Village, Arua Town.

The attackers cut a wire mesh at the window and tried to push a five-litre jerrycan of petrol inside the house.

Sijali was sleeping with her five children. It was her sister-in-law who scared off the attackers before they could set the house on fire.

Abiriga is one of the legislators pushing for lifting of the presidential age limit from the Constitution.

Victoria University

Two police officers have been deployed to guard the home while a file of attempted arson was opened.

Police deploys at MP Amule’s home

Meanwhile, police has deployed at the home of Amolatar District woman MP after an angry mob attempted to lynch her over the age limit bill.

Amule was attacked on Monday while presiding over the celebrations to mark Uganda’s 55th Independence anniversary in Amolatar district.

Residents grabbed a microphone from Doreen Amule when she tried to speak at the event and threatened to beat her at Amolatar Boma Grounds.

The LC5 vice chairperson, Geoffrey Ocen, in his speech, warned MPs hailing from the district against lifting the age limit.

The North Kyoga regional police spokesman, David Ongom Mudong, says police has provided the MP with two additional police escorts.