Fake Ugandan sorcerers arrested in Mombasa

A witch doctor doing his thing

Kenya police on Wednesday arrested two Ugandans for faking a sorcery incident in Mombasa city on the coast of Kenya.

The Ugandan duo Yassin Lokorobe and Ronald Nganga was charged at the Shanzu Law Court with being in possession of a snake without a valid licence from the Kenya Wildlife Service.

They are also accused of entering the country illegally and operating a business without a valid permit from the Mombasa County Government.

Their Kenyan accomplices Patrick Omondi and Musa Ongomu, were ordered by Senior Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache to undergo a psychiatric test at the Coast General Hospital.

They will later be charged alongside Elizabeth Sarah Wetabu, another Kenyan who pleaded guilty to giving false information.

Victoria University

Prosecutions alleges that Omondi and Ongomu while at Masters stage in Bamburi surburb went on to dance, urinate, drink their urine and perform several other acts for close to an hour.

After a while, Ugandans Lokorobe and Nganga came to the scene pausing as witch doctors claiming they bewitched Omondi and Ongomu for allegedly stealing the car which belonged to Wetabu.

The whole drama was captured on CCTV cameras.



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