I won’t steal your land, Museveni tells Kabale

Museveni appearing on Voice of Kigezi

President Yoweri Museveni has strongly condemned politicians, especially from the opposition political parties and members of the press, for deliberately feeding Ugandans on lies, falsehoods and propagating the hate campaign among the people.

He wondered why the relevant government Ministries and organs were not taking appropriate action against them.

President Museveni, who was accompanied by the Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, the Attorney General, Hon. William Byaruhanga and other leaders from Kigezi Region, said that the level of falsehood associated with the opposition politicians and the Ugandan media, has reached an unprecedented level that is forcing him to take it upon himself to come out to demystify and expose them so that Ugandans can know, for the good of their country, the kind of people they are.

Starting with the falsehoods associated with the proposed amendment to the land law, President Museveni wondered why anyone who is for the development of Uganda, would say that the amendment aims at grabbing land from Ugandans.

He explained that it is the National Resistance Movement Government, through the 1995 Constitution, that legislated to give land to Ugandans by stating that “land belongs to the people” as opposed to the old law which said that “land belongs to the government”.

Victoria University

Speaking on Voice of Kigezi FM, Museveni asked Ugandans and the people of Kabale in particular to resist anybody who is trying to frustrate investments.

“People cry for jobs but they are the same people blocking factories which would be bringing jobs,” he said.

He added: “Some unscrupulous people mislead citizens that Museveni through this (Land Amendment bill) wants to steal land.”

Museveni cautioned media houses against broadcasting unqualified or unverified information in this era of high mobile usage especially on land matters.

“They tell lies and scare way investors instead of creating jobs for their people,” Museveni lashed at saboteurs.

“Avoid such leaders, they delay us.”

Museveni said historically land belonged either to the king or colonial masters, but in the 1995 constitution, they changed that.

He cited a case of rural electrification which has been halted in some areas due to persons with selfish interests (those who demand compensation).

Museveni also tackled irrigation and reassured Ugandans on government plans for irrigation. “We shouldn’t succumb to famine on account of delayed rains.”

Museveni described the Bakiga as hard working people who have maintained their food security.

President Museveni who is also the national Chairman of the National Resistance Movement also used the occasion to rally all NRM supporters to offer themselves and participate in the upcoming Local Council 1 elections slated for November 21st 2017 and to elect Movement candidates.

“Don’t allow those opposition hypocrites, liars and opportunist to take those leadership seats because if they can lie when they are few on the top, what damage would they cause if they take leadership positions at the village level,” he said

Museveni will Tuesday appear on Radio West in Mbarara town.




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