Anite gets China help to control internet, social media

Minister Evelyn Anite

State Privatisation and Investment minister, Evelyn Anite, and her trade counterpart, Micheal Werikhe, have so far secured China’s cooperation to monitor and control Ugandan social media.

According to media reports, the Chinese government through a statutory company agreed to offer Uganda a comprehensive cyber-security solution, including technical capacity to monitor and prevent social media abuse.

The agreement was reached on Tuesday between China National Electronics Import & Export Corp (CEIEC) officials and the Anite-led Ugandan delegation in Beijing.

CEIEC has since committed to build the capacity of Uganda Communications Commission, Police and ministry of Internal Affairs to guard against cyber criminals.

China will help Uganda firewall on the Internet so as to combat online fraud, tax evasion, pornography and other cybercrimes.

Victoria University

“We cannot hide our heads in the sand as if there is nothing happening,” Anite is quoted by media as saying.

She told the Chinese that criminals in Uganda are using social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to commit crimes with impunity.

“Cybercrimes such as terrorism, online fraud, human trafficking and pornography are becoming more commonplace, more dangerous, and more sophisticated yet as a country, we are helpless,” she is quoted by Daily Monitor as having said.

She added: “We would like to secure our country and stop impunity online without offending the peoples’ freedom of speech. We have requested CEIEC to help us fight back.”

CEIEC vice president Zhou Xin assured Anite that they have capacity to offer advanced national defence electronics system and all-round supporting services for Uganda.

Xin will visit Uganda next month to meet President Museveni.

CEIEC has built wide-ranged cooperation relationships with more than 160 countries and, besides opening China up to the world, is a key player providing electronic business solutions.



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