Museveni doesn’t create refugees-Kabwegyere

Museveni receives UN Secretary General Antonio Gutterres at State House Entebbe

Tarsis Bazana Kabwegyere, the current Minister of General Duties, Office of the Prime Minister, has come to President Yoweri Museveni’s defence on the question of creating refugees in the neighbouring countries.

Opposition recently asked the United Nations to stop funding Museveni saying he is the reason why neighbouring states have so many refugees curtsey of his wars.

Kabwegyere agrees refugees are an implication of unrest from the country they come from right into the host country.

He said Uganda has had refugees move in from Congo, Rwanda because of clashes, turmoil and the genocide.

“Uganda is a country for natives because it has the best refugee policy in the entire world,” Kabwegyere noted while appearing on NBS TV Thursday morning.


He added: “We have seen many refugees cross into the country but never as many as the ones coming from South Sudan. To leave your country is a choice that hurts. To return to your country is also a choice that refugees eventually make when they feel their lives are safer.”

Kabwegyere said Museveni hasn’t caused unrest in countries from which they come and that is why Uganda is hosting the refugees’ summit in Kampala.

Obongi County MP Kaps Hassan Fungaroo who was appearing on the same show said the refugees’ summit should have been named Uganda refugee summit on Presidential level.

“Therefore we need another summit at the level of the public. The presence of refugees destroys the environment. In our area, all roads are impassable.”

Fungaroo said there is greed and corruption in the office of the prime minister because they mismanage money for refugees.

“When money is taken into the Office of the Prime Minister, people’s salaries are increased as well as the number of people employed.”

Kabwegyere: We need to learn from each other. I have handled refugees’ issues for 5 years.

Fungaroo: Which you haven’t done very well.

Kabwegyere: Hon. Fungaroo, how would you handle the refugee crisis?

Fungaroo: We need to come up with a memorandum which we have already drafted and need the government to sign.



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