Kajuga speaks on prosecutors salary strike

Jane Kajuga

All state prosecutors under the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) are currently planning a strike over low pay and poor working conditions.

Speaking on the matter Thursday, Jane Okuo Kajuga, the Spokesperson DPP, said the prosecutors are poorly paid and made to work in poor conditions, something they won’t tolerate anymore.

“We have communicated to judiciary to accommodate the absence of prosecutors,” Kajuga told NBS television.

She added: “We asked judicial officers to adjourn cases.”

According to Kajuga, the prosecutors’ concerns are very valid when compared to other government officials working in several other departments.


“There is unfairness in payment as compared to other institutions in the judiciary,” she said.

Kajuga cited the case of state attorneys who handle high profile cases like terrorism, corruption and murder yet their salary package is less than what a tea girl at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) earns.

The president of Uganda Association of Prosecutors, Baxter Bakibinga, on June 17 wrote to all prosecutors of different seniority inviting them to Kampala on Friday to discuss the matter.

The criminal prosecutors have already written to the Head of Civil Service, John Mitala, about their impending industrial action.

According to the current salary structure of prosecutors under DPP quoted by Daily Monitor, the lowest ranking state prosecutor earns a gross salary of Shs644,963 a month with the highest paid prosecutor at the rank of Senior Principal State Attorney taking a gross monthly pay of Shs2.1m.

The Deputy DPP is paid Shs2.9m while Assistant DPP earns Shs2.4m.

The Inspector General of Government’s (IGG) office earns over Shs1m a month and an office attendant in the same office receives salary of Shs1m.

A senior IGG officer earns a Shs6.2m a month, the Deputy IGG gets Shs15m and the IGG receives Shs17.8m.

A receptionist at Uganda Law Reform Commissionearns Shs672,564 a month, senior officers get Shs4.1m while a commissioner earns Shs7.4m with the Secretary earning Shs9.7m.



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