#ToraKagame: Kagame 2017 campaign song video out

President Kagame joins participants dancing to morale songs

Tora Kagame Video is officially out, directed by Koncepts & Sakyas.

In Tora Kagame, Juju shares a timely message of unity, transformation and prosperity; all essential for President Paul Kagame’s re-election bid.

Campaign songs have become effective tools to sway and win national elections.

Rwanda Night at World Economic Forum


In Africa, most presidential candidates rely on music to excite and influence potential voters.

Victoria University

Tora Kagame is an upbeat, afro-mix campaign song that delivers a message around the outstanding role played by President Paul Kagame in rebuilding, uniting, pacifying and transforming Rwanda over the years.

It further highlights a good-natured reference to the personal qualities of Paul Kagame such as his love to serve, attention to detail, active participation and strict adherence to community rules; all of which have been key in developing this land of a thousand hills.

Watch the video here:

The song appeals to all patriotic and optimistic Rwandese to support Paul Kagame’s re-election bid come August 2017 as he is the ideal candidate for the job.

Tora Kagame sets the tone and reflects the message of modern campaigns.

It gives President Kagame a musical opportunity to assert his celebrity status and also showcase his accomplishments in a language that is spoken and loved by everyone, at the worst majority.

But importantly, this song will help him gain the much needed Youth Attention.



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