Pro-LGBT Bishop Rev Christopher Senyonjo defied Archbishop His Grace Luke Orombi

Mr. Sengooba

News we are getting from Church of Uganda, St Paul’s cathedral, Namirembe-Hill has it that the defiant pro-Gay, Rev Senyonjo Christopher, who was excommunicated by Archbishop, Church of Uganda, Dr Luke Orombi.

In Archbishop’s official statement says that Rev Christopher Senyonjo is banned indefinitely from conducting any church related activities i.e. in the office of the bishop, not to preside over wedding ceremonies any more, including spiritual authority as a member of word & Sacraments.

Rev Senyonjo, is further ordered not to wear robes of the deacon, priest, bishop of Church of Uganda, St, Paul’s cathedral, Namirembe.

Archbishop further said that the church was taken back, when Rev, Senyonjo, sympathized with a sodomite, Sengooba K. Robert to preside over his wedding ceremony in a way of covering up his unnatural behaviours of sodomy by protect his family profile because Sengooba, is a son to a diplomat.

“They can repent, I can forgive & re-baptize, Sengooba again, unfortunately the defiant, Rev Senyonjo, say they have not made up their mind.”

He further said that he didn’t commit any crime to preside over wedding of Mr, Sengooba & his spouses (her names withheld on request from her family).

He quoted the bible, verse that says “God loves us all” whether LGBT persons, straight or nonconforming ones”.

“My connection with Mr Sengooba & other LGBT persons is simply to guide them. Sengooba, is a personal friend, who came up with a plan to construct up our own church, So that I can get re-employed because I was jobless following my expulsion by Archbishop Orombi from presiding any more church activities. By the way, we are in final stages, we are soon opening our church to public, It will be on charismatic faith, we welcome you all whether LGBT people or not.”

“Rev-Bishop, we welcome you to our new church the Redeemed church of God, Makerere you’ll be informed of our church programs, finally, sodomy & LGBT persons it’s the reality that has to stay.”

It’s worth to note that High court & St, Paul Cathedral, Namirembe cancelled the marriage certificate & caveated it, under section 13 of the marriage Act cap 251, contrary to the wedding of identifying sodomite, Sengooba, an action which was also welcomed by the bride’s parent too.

“As a catholic family we can’t allow our daughter to get married to a man with such bad sexual behaviours, not only that he’s a wealthy young man coming from a wealthy celebrated family, even holy bible is against sodomy, we are close family friends with Ambassador, Bakaya but we can’t allow this to go on, Frank-Matovu, said in his statement on behalf of bride’s family.”



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