Tulonde: Bobi Wine outs election song dedicated to Nubian Li

Tulonde: Bobi Wine outs election song dedicated to Nubian Li

National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has released an election song titled “Tulonde”.

The song talks about his struggle on the journey to the presidency which begins with his arrest on nomination day.

It then talks about the Electoral Commission and lack of fair play as security sabotaged his rallies.

The song rallies voters to wake up early on Thursday next week and vote massively to remove the ruling regime.

“This one is dedicated to brother Nubian Li and all comrades in prison for no reason,” he said, dedicating the song to his partner.

Bobi Wine

“We were blocked from campaigning but the music will now do the talking.”

“This one is called #Tulonde and it serves as a reminder to all the voters in the remaining days,” he said while releasing the song on Saturday.

He said while other presidential candidates are out there campaigning, the Electoral Commission illegally blocked him from campaigning by refusing to confirm my campaign schedule.

“Anyway, I have always told them that I will reach the people in a rub ah dub style.”

“I have decided to hit the studio today and in a short while, I should be sending a new tune to you ladies and gentlemen.”

On Friday, government arraigned 48 of his campaign team members (including Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, Dan Magic, Bobi Young, etc) before the General Court Martial at Makindye and charged them with illegal possession of ammunition.

The lawyers and family members of the suspects were all denied access to the court.

“The court sat without anyone present and remanded them,” he revealed.

“I find it difficult that a man who claims to be a General can be so, so scared of the people to the point of behaving in the most shameful manner! Like we have said repeatedly, we have information that they plan to plant guns, drugs and other materials in homes of comrades so as to arrest them and charge them with such bogus cases.”

He added: “To you all comrades out there, be strong, be firm! These are simply signs that Museveni is on the way out. God is with us. Just continue to pray for Uganda and do your part to make this change possible!”

On Saturday, Sankara Ali, son to Nubian made one year.

“It’s so painful that the father celebrates his son’s birthday from prison,” Bobi Wine said.

He said Nubian was not born when Museveni took over the country but now, “he is in prison for trying to to free his country from the M7 dictatorship to ensure a better future for his now 1-year-old”.

“Happy birthday son. We do what we do so that you never have to go through what we are going through today. Papa will be soon free and so will Uganda.”

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