Ronald Mayinja dragged to police for stealing phone

On Saturday, singer Ronald Mayinja recorded a statement at Katwe Police Station.

He was dragged to police by The Observer reporter Yudaya Nangonzi for allegedly stealing her phone.

“…(he appeared) without presenting my phone, lines and SD card to officers,” she said on Saturday.

After a 2-hour interview at his home in Munyonyo, the musician made off with Nangozi’s mobile phone a few days ago.

Mayinja first demanded that the audio recording be deleted, saying it was going to land him in trouble with the state.

He took off and temporarily locked our reporter in his home, falsely claiming she’d trespassed into his home – never mind that he voluntarily agreed to the interview, directed the reporter into the home, sat and talked for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Yudaya Nangonzi

He later changed his accusations, again falsely, claiming the reporter had taken photos of his naked children.

He has since offered to buy our reporter a new mobile phone, saying he has permanently destroyed the old one together with its SD card and SIM card.

A case of phone theft SD: REF 29/7/1/2021 was filed at Salama Road police station.

Mayinja was summoned to make a statement.

“I am more energized with my vulnerable state currently to follow this matter until justice is served. Even if my doctors asked me step aside for now, I will not stop until I am wheeled into theater at your cost!” Nangonzi said.

She went on:”Mr Ronald Mayinja, I painfully come out to inform you that you can say everything but avoid spreading falsehoods about me. I have a clean record of professionalism. If you are telling the truth, go ahead and respect police summons before I grant interviews to fellow journalists and narrate what happened. You’re soiling my name as you go ahead to call me and ask for forgiveness. I have a family and name to protect. Just know, this will end in tears on your part in addition to paying my medical bills; you are aware of my vulnerable situation. I NEED MY PHONE, LINES, and SD CARD.”

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