Ykee Benda blasts NUP trolls: stop this kamanyilo fuckery

Singer Ykee Benda spent Friday night psychologically wresting with National Unity Platform trolls who accused him of staying silent while their singer Nubian Li languishes in prison.

Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe and 47 others were Friday charged in army court for possession of ammunition and remanded to Makindye military prison.

By evening, NUP trolls had already picked on singer Benda in a twitter war that hasn’t ceased since.  

“This kamanyilo comes up becoz u think mutuyamba buyambi okutuwagila, HELL NO.!! If I didn’t do good music u wouldn’t have purchased it, u wouldn’t pay to see me perform. Our industry isn’t a charity organization that ur just helping, no way, u pay & we entertain you,” Benda lashed out.

They then threatened to boycott him, his songs and shows.

“BUSINESS. YOU ARE NOT THE ENTIRE UGANDA! Stop disrespecting musicians and expect them to just sit bk Am doing my job as President right now !I don’t dine with any of you …..but after this I think I should consider it bcoz me am not the kind they put in a corner. This fuckery has to stop Am nobody’s bitch!!” he threw another punch.

The war of words did not show any signs of ending soon.

So Benda swore:”It’s only 11pm amo stay up til 2am!! THIS FUCKERY HAS TO STOP!”

He lashed at what he called “Fckt up citizens” for spending billions of “ur taxes on Mps & other leaders monthly, and u then question artists on everything that goes wrong🤷‍♂️. Isn’t that idiocy?”

He explained that Nubian Li had been arrested by police and he [Benda] was not in charge of issuing bails or police bonds.

“Before u question me about Nubian Li, have you moved to the police station to question them about his arrest? You know Nubian Li is with police but ur on my twitter shouting like it’s me giving out bails …! You urself can’t do anything about it apart from tweeting like he is locked somewhere on twitter. Bomboclat …!!”

He added: “Ndoowoza kyekyo? Now get this in your heads and understand it. To mind my business doesn’t mean I don’t have what to say. I care for what I care for when I care for it.  I am a simple guy but if for one second you think we came from the same womb. You will be reminded Support Museveni/Bobi/Muntu or KATUMBA if you like. I personally don’t care. I just want you safe when all this is over ebisigade is between you and your loved ones. Now kindly pliz respect my choice of choosing to mind my business 🙏🏻”

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