Just enjoy free cars, Sheilah tells Mao, Mayambala & Mwesigye

Forum for Democratic Change and Renewed Uganda presidential candidates have responded to twitter questions set by media personality Sheilah Gashumba.

Patrick Amuriat and Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde join President Museveni who was the first to answer Gashumba’s questions just days to the general election.

Shielah is an Award Winning Tv Presenter, Africell Brand Ambassador, Digital Influencer, Fashionsta, CEO GashGlam, Humanitarian and Music PR.

“Need to make up my mind about who I’m voting in a few days Face with raised eyebrowFace with monocle but before I do that I need to ask the candidates a few questions on these twitter streets!! I’m not going to vote someone because of bandwagon!! I need to know what we are being offered as Ugandans?” she tweeted.

To John Katumba, she asked: “@realKatumbaJohn you have the most catchy campaign slogan. Infact I even heard a very catchy song the other day with your name and slogan that I I loved but We have shouted Katumba Oyeeee everyday but what else? What’s your strategy apart from increasing police salaries?”

To Tumukunde: “@Tumukunde_ did you even campaign sir? I have seen only one poster. What is your actual plan for us if you made it to State House?”

Tumukunde replied:Against all odds; over 100 districts & still going. A few points from the plan:✅Restore Term Limits, ✅Introduce Minimum Wage (we know how you feel about wages.),✅First time Home Buyer Assistance Fund.and ✅ Youth & Women Empowerment.For more details:https://t.co/32DtbfXihs https://t.co/fwDLHi2jvO

To Bobi Wine, she asked: “@HEBobiWine my dear friend, you have really shaken the table. We have all felt you no doubt. Social media is colored red with NUP people. But apart from Change for Change’s sake, what’s your strategy? Economic, Social, Foreign policy? You have one week to make this clear.”

To Amuriat, she asked: “@PatrickAmuriat we salute you. One of the more experienced politicians on the ticket. But what’s happening with FDC? It has gone silent under your leadership. what would Uganda really look like under FDC?”

Amuriat responded thus: “Dear @SheilahGashumba, sorry I did not respond in time, been on the road since 5:00am. FDC is not silent, every administration comes with its style of management. We believe in working and the talk comes later. Our style will be known by the results of our work.

As a country we believe that we need to rebuild all state institutions so that they can be once again accountable to all Ugandans. We believe that we need to build a new Uganda that will provide opportunities for our brothers & sisters.

Uganda under FDC will be a society that respects rule of law and the dignity of all Ugandans. As a country, we will invest in our people through skilling our young to be competitive and productive to the country.

Uganda under FDC shall reduce the size of cabinet to 42 ministers and their deputies. We shall also originate a bill to reduce Parliament. In all this we will be saving money to spend on our people than public administration. Uganda will be under a transitional government to enable all Ugandans to determine a New Uganda they desire, truth telling, reconciliation and enacting a new constitution that will help in building people led state institutions.

The transitional government rebuilding process will enable us as a country to forgive each other, reconcile with one another, love each other and unite to build a country together. In short, Uganda under FDC will be a Pearl with endless possibilities for all. You will dream, work smart and hard to live your dream. With a person like you Sheila, we will protect your talent & that of many young Ugandans to be able to achieve their in their preferred sectors. This disrespect of one another is not good; in the new Uganda that we want to build that will not be good enough.

To Joseph Kabuleta, she asked: “@JKabuleta first of all Praise God! Apart from using this campaign to also teach us some scripture, how realistic are your plans and ambitions? Convince us please.”

To Mugisha Muntu: “@mugishamuntu you are perhaps the most organized opposition candidate. I’m actually a big fan. You seem to have a plan but we don’t feel you. Kiki naye? Kiki akiganye.”

To the rest: “Then we have our back benchers: Mayambala Willie, Fred Mwesigye and Norbert Mao…for you just enjoy the free cars from Electoral Commission and come vote with us next  week 😂😂😂 Kiki Uganda kinyuma.”

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