Katumba launches a book on journey to presidency

Presidential candidate, John Katumba, has written and released a book titled “The Untold Story of John Katumba.”

The youngest presidential candidate said that with this book, he wants to give hope to those fighting for their dreams.

The book chronicles the struggle and process he went through on his journey to the presidency.

Katumba launching the book on Friday (NTV photo)

During the Friday launch held at Racers Bar and Restaurant Ntinda, Katumba said that his book tells a story of his journey, the challenges he has faced, why he run on the day of nomination day, why he was teargassed and he continued running and the struggles he has endured.

 ‘’I don’t talk about change but I carry out the change. Being young doesn’t mean one is disabled,” he told press.

He added: “No one will read this book and remain the same.”

HiPipo awards founder Innocent Kawooya was the first person to purchase the book at Shs200,000.

The book will be sold at Shs50,000 when it’s finally released to the public.

Katumba says the book took two months to write thanks to unity and teamwork.

The book comes a day after he released a music video titled “Katumba Oyee”.


Speaking on the video, Katumba said the girls in his music video #KatumbaOyee are from ghettos and came to him because he knows their problems better.

“People in Kalangala, I know about your beatings, people in Karamoja I know about your gold which you can’t use. I know the problems of the common man.”

Who is John Katumba?

John Katumba, 24 years of age, is the youngest Presidential candidate in Uganda’s history. He is a remarkable gentleman who has defied the odds by setting the trend when it comes to leadership in the average Ugandan youth.

He grew up and studied from Mukono district where he attended his primary and secondary school before moving to Makerere University Business School where he completed his degree in procurement & logistics.

After his graduation in 2020, he realized the oppression and the struggle that an average Ugandan youth goes through to find meaningful employment in this country. He vowed to change this from the top. He applied to the electoral commission to become Uganda’s next president in the 2021 elections.

Katumba has now become a social media sensation coined with the phrase “Katumba Oyeee” which symbolizes the end of the struggle for the youth in Uganda. Besides all the public comedy attached to the his brand, John Katumba has managed to build a visible yet memorable leadership brand that truly carries his countrymen’s best interests.

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