Of Lt Col Nakalema and her futile fight against graft

By Bukenya Joseph

In the recent past, the media has been awash with stories of a Pastor who purportedly in collusion with some officials fleeced billions of shillings from Ugandans in a shady scam.

Whereas the pastor was apprehended and the matter is now before court discussing its merits therefore, violates the principle and law of subjudice and I will refrain from that in this piece and address other issues that plague the institutions that are formed to fight corruption.

Often times, we have heard about monumental corruption scandals that rock the remotest nerves of the nation but in the end after “thorough” investigations the real culprits are never brought to book.

We therefore continue to witness some sort of red herring investigations and in the end, the citizenry is always served with a white elephant sort of reprieve.

This is not to mean that graft was never committed but to borrow the words of Justice Katusi the small fish always end up at the deep end of the law.

The big fish in the corruption scandals continue to enjoy their loot unabated andwith impunity of Himalayan heights hopping from one public purse to another.

The Nakalemas and a myriad of other anti-corruption units, agencies, departments, coalitions among others continue to keep relevance by parading sometimes even innocent persons, wrong or
targets of mischief as culprits in scandals which they may not even have constitutional jurisdiction or mandate to handle let alone affording to secure convictions.

There is also another issue of witchhunt that surround palace politics and it is most probable that Hillary Musoke (Popularly known as Kisanja) Catherine Kusasira and others might have fell victim of.

Putting the anticorruption fight into perspective it is prudent that our country goes soul searching on how we sunk to sea depth corruption levels and refocus and commit to the genuine fight against corruption.

Otherwise, all other maneuvers like walking and talking corruption away and formation of multitudes of anticorruption units may have hit a dead end.

The writer is a strategy analyst bukenyajose5@gmail.com

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