Kabuleta downplays curfew, vows to nurture talent

Kabuleta downplays curfew, vows to nurture talent

Independent presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has criticised the night curfew saying it’s badly damaging the economy.

“It bothers me that Ugandans have meekly settled into a routine of 9pm curfew,” he said on Friday.

There is nothing normal about curfew for adults in a free society, noted Kabuleta who has been combing Busoga region for votes.

He says Covid19 is a virus that has 99 percent survival rate worldwide and it’s been two months since Kenya which is worse hit has extended it’s curfew to 11pm.

He said enough damage has been done to the economy.

“The president should add some badly needed relevance to his Sunday media rants by lifting the pointless curfew and allowing Ugandans to get back to work.”


Kabuleta said he is ready to champion sports.

“As I always have; now even more with the power to make a big difference for the community!”

In the first five years, his government shall seek to nurture talent from elementary level not only as mere forms of recreation but as a potential

His government intends to provide scholarships at various levels for exceedingly talented children in sports and the arts.

Sports and the arts are not very long careers, so the children must be protected, he said.

Muzaata death

Kabuleta described the fallen Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata as an icon that has fallen.

“A man who spoke wisdom to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, with a lot of imagery and humor. I loved listening to Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata.”

“This nation shall miss him. I commiserate with his family and the Muslim community in Uganda.”

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