Police raids FDC flag bearer home in Manafwa

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has accused police of harrassing its members across the county.

This came after the police and the army Thursday deployed heavily at Matembo Chris’ home in Manafwa district.

Matembu Chris Wataka is the FDC Parliamentary flag bearer for Bubulo West Constituency in Manafwa District.

The reason for deployment not yet clear.

Police officers reportedly confiscated 4,000 hand hoes.

According to Matembu, security officers, about 15 of them, raided his home along Kufu-Bukhaweka road and started ransacking the premises.

Matembu says the security personnel without identifying themselves, started searching the house and scattered the items therein.

He says the security officials confiscated and took with them a series of documents from the house including 4000 hand hoes for his hardware.


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