Museveni is no peacemaker, he destabilised Obote- Kabuleta


Museveni is no peacemaker, he destabilised Obote- Kabuleta

Independent presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has dismissed President Museveni as a peacemaker.

Kabuleta was this week launching his campaign manifesto in Gulu city.

According to him, Museveni brought the turmoil to Milton Obote regime, he cannot be credited for peace.

“Uganda is ready for civilian leadership! Military dictatorships have outlived their stay,” he maintained.


He was so humbled by a group of leaders of special needs people ( PWDs) who mobilized themselves and tracked him down in Lira to table their concerns.

From as far as Alebtong, Gulu, Dokolo, Pader, Kitgum and Nwoya among others; they camped and waited patiently to enlighten him about the plight of being marginalized and forgotten.

“I learnt a lot from the conversation and will definitely be a President who actively champions their struggle and we have already started and framework to kick off the work.”

Appearing on Voice of Teso, Kabuleta discussed how to restore financial liberation to the people of Teso.

Once a food basket for the whole country, it is sad that Teso is often hit by famine and a jerrycan of water is UGX 1000, he said.

“Everybody knows the role of the NRM machinery in systemically crippling the Teso economy.”

Teso politicians have sold the people a raw deal under this regime, Kabuleta went on.

“Fake factories, fake poverty eradication schemes all by government machinery.”

He added: “We know what must be done and will promptly get to work after we take office.”



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