Bobi Wine is a nappy kid fooling himself- Otafiire


Minister for East African Affairs Gen Kahunda Otafiire says he will oppose his boss, President Museveni should he divert from their political philosophy.

He made the remarks during an interview with Saturday Monitor’s Zadock Amanyisa, Gen Otafiire reflects of the 34 years of his party’s rule.

Otafiire castigated those who preach tribal or sectarian politics.

“They are many, including you. Actually, they are the majority. People who promote their tribes, religion, people who believe in stealing government money.


People who promote sectarianism, those who believe in looting the State, people who believe in ethnic hegemonism are ideologically bankrupt. People who do not believe in Pan Africanism are ideologically bankrupt.”

He was asked to comment on the mergence of a 24-year-old John Katumba who is running against the three Bush War generals.

“It is their democratic right to run for office. Some want to make their point, others want to make fools of themselves. Why should they be stopped? It is not my job to stop people from making fools of themselves.

Others are enjoying their gamesome hours. It does not bother me. What I am bothered about is the inability of Ugandans to tell what is right, to make right choices, but if people want to run for office, let them go.”

How do you digest the fact that two generals are running against the incumbent?

Otafiire: I said, that’s their democratic right.

Dr Kiiza Besigye, your former political commissar, is out of the race. He says Museveni cannot be defeated by an election as the NRM government has failed to organise an election of sufficient efficacy to give every candidate a chance to reach their potential.

What does this mean to you?

Otafiire: I am not Kiiza Besigye, and I will never become him. But, that’s his opinion and he is entitled to it. May be he noted irregularities in the election and he is free to express himself.

[Former prime minister] Amama Mbabazi saw irregularities in the last election and he went to court and courts sorted us out. So, there is nothing wrong with that.

That is what we call democratization. We go to vote, there are irregularities, we go to court, and court examines the circumstances and pronounces itself. One wins and the other loses and life goes on.

There is a Bobi Wine phenomenon. A performing artist of almost zero political experience coming to the stage and exciting as much interest as we have seen from members of the public. Did you ever envisage having Bobi Wine as Museveni’s biggest challenger?

Otafiire: Bobi Wine is not popular because of his excellent political philosophy. Now, what do we want? A musician or a political philosopher? For us, we were fighting against Idi Amin. It was a do or die. This man has been singing.

They go wrong. The circumstances are entirely different, our challenge is not his challenge, he is a nappy kid, we are peasants. He is a singer and composer, we are political philosophers and revolutionaries.

So, there is absolutely no contact between Bobi Wine’s agenda and ours. Let those who want music go with Bobi Wine, but those of us who want proper governance and democracy and national progress, we look for people who have an understandable, readable and discernable political philosophy. If I want music, I will listen to Mariah Carley, Franks Natarra or any other artiste.



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