We’re in this together: candidates unite against police brutality


We’re in this together: candidates unite against police brutality

Uganda’s presidential candidates and representatives, week held a joint meeting and press conference to show concern over the current situation in Uganda and stand in solidarity with their colleagues who were arrested this week.

They resolved among other things to work together in areas of common interest and stand together in solidarity going forward.

This shows that regardless of their political views, it is still possible to unite as one for a common purpose/agenda.

Joint statement:


Today there was a meeting of presidential candidates Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Gen. Henry Tumukunde, Hon. Nobert Mao and Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi represented by Dr Lina Zedriga and Hon Patrick Amuriat represented by Amb Wasswa Birigwa.

The purpose of the meeting was to respond to the current situation in our country and to stand in solidarity with opposition presidential candidates Robert Kyagulanyi and Patrick Amuriat who have been arrested and detained while campaigning.

We are concerned that the EC has been overrun by security agencies and is no longer in charge of the elections. The so called COVID rules are subject to the interpretation of partisan security operatives.

There is a clear contradiction in the manner in which the COVID rules are being enforced. On any given day there are crowds in our markets and business centres like Kikuubo. And yet there is no interest to enforce these rules in those areas. Instead there is a rage about stopping campaign rallies by opposition presidential candidates.

It should be remembered that we’re all on record for discouraging an election during the COVID pandemic.

We convey our heartfelt condolences to the families of those innocent citizens killed across the country during protests following the arrest of the NUP and FDC presidential candidates. We offer our sympathies to those who sustained injuries and wish them a quick recovery.

We’ve resolved as follows:

  1. We are in this together as leaders who are responding to a failing state.
  2. We shall avoid attacking each other and thus deny the regime the opportunity to divide us up in the field.
  3. We agree on a common understanding of each others positions in order to avoid contradictions that may play into the hands of the regime.
  4. We pledge to work together in areas of common interests. Where we do not agree we shall strive to understand each other. If one of us is arrested, harassed or mishandled, we shall all stand together in solidarity.
  5. We have agreed to design a common response to the arrests, brutalisations and harassment of candidates aimed at denying them access to the electorate. We are on different fronts but our cause is the same – CHANGE!


Gen. Mugisha Muntu (ANT)
Hon. Nobert Mao (DP)
Amb. Wasswa Birigwa (FDC)
Dr. Lina Zedriga (NUP)
Gen. Henry Tumukunde (RU)



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