ICC receives Besigye petition to try Museveni.

Kizza Besigye

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has written back to Uganda’s opposition leader Kizza Besigye regarding a petition against President Museveni.

The Hague based court acknowledges receiving Besigye’s petition seeking the interdiction of President Museveni for crimes against humanity.

“The People’s Government is grateful to our legal teams; volunteers who, in spite of great intimidation, collected signatures from all parts of Uganda; and courageous Ugandans who signed to petition ICC to have Mr M7 & others investigated,” Besigye tweeted on Friday.

“ICC has formally acknowledged receipt.”

Besigye said his government continues to get more evidence of any “Crime Against Humanity” committed in Uganda.


“Anyone with evidence of such a crime should bring it to our offices at No 6 Katonga Rd, Kla or to our Regional or District Commissioners.”

“You can still sign a form to join the petition,” he added.

The court said this doesn’t mean it will start investigations but will communicate after review.

In January this year, Besigye assembled 80 lawyers to handle cases of harassment.

His deputy president Erias Lukwago said since they started collecting signatures for their International Criminal Court (ICC) petition to drag President Yoweri Museveni to court over alleged crimes against humanity, many of their people have been purportedly beaten, arrested, harassed, detained and tortured.

He cited the districts of Namayingo, Ntungamo, Kasese, Luwero, Mukono and Busia as the areas where their officials were allegedly harassed by the state apparatus.



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