NUP woman threatens Bebe Cool with AK47


NUP woman threatens Bebe Cool with AK47

A woman identified as a supporter of National Unity Platform (NUP) has sent a threatening video to singer Bebe Cool.

The Silent Majority boss is currently on President Museveni’s campaign trail.

“This video clip was sent to me by someone threatening me,” Bebe Cool said on Wednesday.

“I sent it to security organisations for more scrutiny.”


The woman, donning a red scurf, the colour popular with People Power supporters, is seen holding an AK-47 rifle.

She keeps repeating “Tulimu struggle” slogan used by NUP supporters and swearing to harm Bebe Cool.

“Of course we all know the people power slogan is Tuli mu struggle,” Bebe said.

“Today we all witnessed innocent people being robbed and cars being vandalised.”

He said this kind of hooliganism must not be tolerated in Uganda.

“#SecureYourFuture and vote for Nrm candidates.
Vote experience not age,vote issues not years.”



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