KCCA directs on campaign posters in city


The State Minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs, Hon. Benna Namugwanya has Friday addressed the Press on Placement of Campaign Posters and Advertisements Tools in the City.

On 7th July, 2020 KCCA issued guidelines on the display of campaigning posters in the city, unfortunately the Ministry of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs has observed with concerns the continued haphazard placement and display of the advertisements, Hon Namugwanya says.

These have been in form of posters have been in form of fliers, placards, & billboards in areas that aren’t authorized for such purposes as well as uncontrollable noise in the city.

Such tools have been placed on road junctions, roundabouts, road islands, pavements, street poles, trees, perimeter, roundabouts etc.


As a result, these tools have visually constrained both motorists and pedestrians from easily navigating through the city.



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