Muntu slams NUP military raid, seizure of property


Muntu slams NUP military raid, seizure of property

Former army commander Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu has condemned the security raid of National Unity Platform offices in Kamwokya.

On Wednesday, security forces raided NUP headquarters in Kamwokya, confiscating their property and disrupting ongoing activities.

The high-handedness with which security agencies handled the situation is an unfortunate continuation of the government’s injustices against members of the opposition, Muntu noted.

“We are all too familiar with this unfortunate, but unsurprising trend.”

Victoria University

“We continue to appeal to all security personnel of good conscience to remember that their duty to serve and protect is to the people of Uganda, regardless of who is in office.”

He said a time is fast approaching when those you will report to are those you were formerly ordered to antagonize.

” And while Ugandans have a huge capacity for reconciliation, it is not without limit. Our country’s political stability depends in part, on your willingness to do the right thing.”

“As we’ve been doing, The Alliance for National Transformation continues to stand in solidarity with People Power. Together, we shall overcome.”



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