Bebe Cool offers rehab to drug addict Rocky Giant

By Bebe Cool

I personally condemn Butcherman’s act of embarrassing a fellow musician Rocky Giant at his lowest point in life on baseless issues but I want to draw Ugandans from the pretence of feeling sorry for Rocky Giant.

The truth is you are all addressing a minor outcome of misuse of drugs as for now,the bigger problems are yet to surface. The issue as i follow this case carefully is one is a customer of the other and the business is drugs/enjaga.

I have always spoken loud and clear against musicians misusing drugs, some times mentioning names with an intention to draw their fans, families and friends to join me focus on helping their person to stop drug abuse but all in vain.

Let’s all agree to deal with the root course of the problem rather than the outcome to save the lives of our artists and young people.

As for Rocky Giant, others will offer you songs, videos and clothing but for me, I offer 3 months payment to a rehab if you enroll in one as soon as possible because once you handle the core problem of the drugs, the rest will fall in place.

Wish you the best

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