My uncle Kibalama betrayed me, says Bobi Wine


Moses Nkonge Kibalama is from the Ndiga(Sheep) clan, the same clan as my mother Margaret Nalunkuuma. In the Baganda culture, if an elder is from your own clan, you address them as Taata (father) or Senga (Auntie) and similarly if an elder is from your mother’s clan, you address them as Maama (mother) or Kojja (uncle).

Therefore Mr. Kibalama is my uncle.

Ever since I met him, I have adressed him as Kojja and somehow an uncle-nephew relationship developed between the two of us. As the Baganda say, “Omwana omulenzi asera na Kojja we.” Therefore, many times we discussed other personal matters, and I loved the guy. He was always jolly around me and as a team we enjoyed his company.

When I saw him in court today testifying aganist me and my comrades and telling lies under oath, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Victoria University

I had earlier gotten an opportunity to speak to him before the judge came in, and he told of how much he has been under terrible torture and how he was in military hands even at that moment in court and indeed just after a few minutes conversation, some two mean looking operatives in plain clothes came and ordered him away from me. I felt like he was in the similar situation I was when I was presented in a military court in Gulu after the #Arua incident.

Before I left him, I told him that it is only the truth that could set him free. I told him to tell court the truth. Sadly, he seemed too intimidated and compromised.

Although some truths were escaping him under oath, I saw my own Kojja overpowered by the fear of death and the love of money! These are the two chains used to enslave both his body and mind.

I then remembered these words: “True freedom is when you overcome the love of money and the fear of death. If you don’t love money, no body can buy you off and if you don’t fear death, no body can scare you off.”

We pray for you Kojja. I can imagine what you’re going through now but like I said to you, ONLY THE TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE.

PS: A few hours after court, Mr. Kibalama was yet again ordered by security operatives to address another press conference and retract some of the things he said in court.

Journalists were hurriedly called to Mosa acourts, a place owned by Haj Moses Kigongo, the NRM National Vice Chairman. He contradicted himself even more and you could see that he was under immense pressure. He also mentioned how we confiscated his passport! How shameful!

Well, after he was severely threatened and intimidated by the regime, he desperately reached out to us and requested us to help him secure asylum in a safer country. We requested for his passport and other documents to assist him.

We handed these to a human rights lawyer who has been handling his file. Since he now needs it, we shall accordingly give it back to him as soon as he comes for it and signs to acknowledge receipt of it.



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