NCHE approves 18 more programmes for Gulu university


National council for a Higher Education has approved 18 more programmes for Gulu University.

These programmes now makes the University to have 56 programmes in total.

Ojok James Onono, the deputy public relations officer of the University, said all the programmes are tailored towards transforming the community and online with the Gulu University Community Engagement policy that was launched last Thursday.

“We are having radpid development and the programmes that many students from the region would also run and do in Kampala is now in Gulu University and they are welcomed in the struggle of transforming the community,” Onono said.


He added that Gulu University is now in the race to take up the mantle of becoming the best community engagement University in the world.

According to Onono, the programmes would be advertised as soon as possible.

And the pioneers who will apply would be in position to start when Government opens schools formally for all classes.



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