Kakwenza: I’m not a dummy, torture won’t silence me


Kakwenza: I’m not a dummy, torture won’t silence me

Author and activist Kakwenza Rukirabasaija says neither arrests not torture will silence him.

The author of “The Greedy Barbarian” just left prison after being arrested for his new book “The Banana Republic”.

“Sme time in April 2020, They arrested and tortured me to almost death for writting a political satire novel which thousands have seen as eye opening African literature, I got well and narrated their impunity in another book- Banana Republic where writting is treasonous,” he said.

“Last Friday they again came for me and charged me with inciting violence and promoting sectarianism.”


He was detained at SID in Kireka for over 48 hours before being released on police bond.

“So which law bars me from penning down their impunity and outlawlessness? I should swallow it with equanimity?” he queried.

“Unless I don’t come from Rukungiri and conceivably not a useful seed sown by Dr. Kizza Besigye.”

Kakwenza says the “rogue regime” shouldn’t torture Ugandans and expect them to keep quiet.

“They think we’re dummies/ mannequins. I was brought up in a way that, I can’t keep quiet on an injustice or impunity.”

He added: “I’m a responsible citizen of Uganda. I love my country but I don’t like the one in charge! Deal with me.”



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