Stella Nyanzi charged, granted bail


Kampala Woman MP aspirant Dr Stella Nyanzi and her political assistant Rugumayo Ka Kusemererwa have been released from police custody.

The pair was Monday released on non-cash bail of Shs1m each by Grade One Magistrate Kebei of Busia Chief Magistrate’s Court.

They were charged with disobeying lawful orders to prevent COVID19 and crossing the border through Sofia porous routes.

Court was adjourned to 22nd October 2020.

Victoria University

According to police, Nyanzi who was returning from Kenya with her team, refused to go into mandatory quarantine.

They both pleaded NOT GUILTY.

“Before taking plea, I implored the magistrate to bring dictator Yoweri Museveni into the suspect’s dock with me because last Monday he crossed the border into Tanzania,” said Nyanzi.

She also implored her to bring her king Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi into the suspect’s dock because he too crossed the border into Kenya recently.

“I am not on trial in this matter; instead the big cats in power Yoweri and Ronnie are on trial. If the borders are closed in the name of preventing COVID19, why did nobody arrest these two powerful Ugandan men for disobeying the COVID19 directives about borders? Are they above the law? Does this law only apply to poor women in the opposition such as myself?”

Nyanzi appreciated members of opposition party Forum for Democratic Change for mobilising the masses to agitate for her presentation in court.

“Thank you for providing us with sureties. Thank you for buying us food while we were in detention the past few days and nights. Thank you for holding camp in the police premises. Thank you for securing for us the professional legal representation of Counsel Achoka Egesa Freddy.”

“They came to the site of arrest as we were being bullied by about twenty men with guns, showed their solidarity and captured evidence which they shared with journalists. They followed us to the detention facility and ensured they knew where we were. They made placards demanding for our freedom.”

FDC Eastern region secured her a solid lawyer who ensured that her human rights were respected when we were detained.

“They came to court in large numbers, although the DPC refused many to enter the court premises. They stood surety for us when our bail application was made. They celebrated when we were released on bail. They escorted us out of Busia district, even as the police offered us a full patrol truck of police escorts.”

She prayed for the safety of her driver and campaign photographer who are both still at large since the day of her arrest and detention.

According to Nyanzi, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) boys at Busia abduct citizens, dump them in dirty detention cells, and then fidget to frame the abductees with trumped up charges.



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