Makerere fire: FDC slams inefficient fire brigade


The Party is saddened by the fire that gutted Uganda’s international heritage and monumental building that signifies the beginning and beauty of Makerere University at about 1am

The Main building, one of Makerere University oldest buildings that was completed in 1941 during the stewardship of Principal of Makerere College George C Turner had its rooftop and several floors housing Finance and Records Department burnt down.

A very big scandal and unfortunate incident in recent times.

Still disturbing that Ugandan government under dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has put alot of resources in espionage to specifically detect peaceful demonstrations and has left the fire department of Uganda Police dilapidated with no capacity to fight fire even 4 Kilometres from its headquarters.

It’s disheartening to believe that the Country has less than 10 fires brigade vehicles which are in bad condition and shape with low pressure that can’t push water upwards. Our government priorities are definitely known.

Victoria University

If this incident that took place in the wee hours of the night was a Political activity by the FDC or any kind of peaceful demonstration, security forces would have been in place before even the activity begins.

Among the worst incidents that have happened at Makerere University from the killing of her former vice Chancellor Frank Kalimuzo, attack on her students community in 1976, and the killing of Madam Nanziri who was the warden of Africa Hall in the 1970s, this fire🔥 incident on the main building may be taken to be worst to happen on the temple of education at the university/in this country.

The main building is the face of Makerere university, with a lot of attachment to whoever has gone through or heard about Makerere World over yet it was also gazetted by UNESCO as one of the International heritage sites.

As the usual never conclusive investigators into this fire incident begin, we demand for the following;

  1. Invest resources in modern fire fighting Equipments including Helicopters.
  2. Train more human resources and research in disaster detection, incidental reporting systems and post disaster recovery mechanisms.
  3. Establishment of firefighting systems and hypersonic sensors on all buildings including permanent water source points as the case is in most modern Countries.




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