Museveni orders arrest of NRM primaries fraudsters

IGP Okoth Ochola

Museveni orders arrest of NRM primaries fraudsters

President Museveni has ordered the Inspector General of Police Martin Ochola to arrest fraudsters who cheated in the concluded NRM primaries.

The IGP is directed to identify all those criminals that took part in these forgeries for criminal prosecution, Museveni said on Saturday.

“Get new registrars. The audit in the other areas is continuing.”

“What I did in the four (4) districts, should be done everywhere.”

Victoria University

He said the NRM Secretariat should work with the DPCs, RDCs, etc., to carry out audit in all the areas of dispute to expose the frauds.

“Where I judge necessary, I will send my own secret agents, like I did in the 4 districts above.”



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